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The Leadership Development Institute uniquely develops selected students to become global leaders by adapting the best American leadership development research and practices to the needs of Moroccan students and Moroccan society. The LDI is the first such program in Morocco, one of few in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, and one of very few in the developing world. From its roots, the LDI is a co-curricular program teaching leadership skills through experience and service.

We seek to impact society and the quality of leadership much more broadly. Our mission is two-fold: to develop leaders for Morocco’s future and to improve leadership in the developing world.

To ensure that our program has the high standard of the leadership programs in America, the LDI uses the standards set by the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) in Higher Education to assess its program.


Develop leaders that serve.

The Leadership Development Institute integrates transformational, servant, social change and other models of leadership with best practices in student development and an active learning process of social engagement with a global perspective. We work primarily in Morocco and the MENA region to change the way leadership is viewed and done.


Shift consciousness from traditional to a modern, servant, global paradigm of leadership.

To achieve this vision, the LDI will become self-sustainable, expand our impact beyond Ifrane and AUI to the MENA region and the developing world, and become the preeminent leadership program in the MENA region.

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In order to establish a holistic leadership development program, the LDI adapted successful practices from exemplary programs in the US to a Moroccan-based model, relying upon leadership theories including transformational (Burns, 1978; Bass and Avolio, 1994), servant (Greenleaf, 1990), and social change (Austin and Austin, 1996). These theories and approaches were adapted to the needs of Moroccan students.

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