"Serving the world by forming Moroccans leaders"

The Leadership Development Institute uniquely develops selected students to become global leaders by adapting the best American leadership development research and practices to the needs of Moroccan students and Moroccan society. The LDI is the first such program in Morocco, one of two in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, one of the very few in the developing world. From its roots, the LDI is a co-curricular program teaching leadership skills through experience and service and where the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals are central in its operations.

Leadership style

In order to establish a holistic leadership development program, the LDI adapted successful practices from exemplary programs in the US to a Moroccan-based model, relying upon leadership theories including transformational (Burns, 1978; Bass and Avolio, 1994), servant (Greenleaf, 1990), and social change (Austin and Austin, 1996). These theories and approaches were adapted to the needs of Moroccan students.


What do students say about the LDI?


I learned how to be a good leader, how to listen to people and how to manage my time. I also understood the importance of being responsible and committed. It’s a great opportunity to interact with people that you wouldn’t meet in other circumstances and made me realise that some things that are not important for me can have a huge importance for other people.


I learned that being a leader is to do what you said you will do and apply that statement in the different aspects of my life. Those (fundraising) calls helped me to boost my self- confidence and my communication skills. I also learned different tips and strategies to make my tutory sessions more interesting and effective.


I used to be a very shy and reserved person before joining the LDI. After joining the fundraising team and taking part in different fundraising events, where I had to interact with a lot of people I have never met before ,and try to convince them to help us raise money for the good cause, I started feeling more comfortable talking to them. Now, I feel more confident and I feel like I am slowly getting out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing.


Being part of the Leadership Development Institute has Impacted both my studies and my personality. In fact, this is a lifestyle and a way to better organize myself. Also, belonging to the LDI made me more responsible throughout the years and I'm improving myself day by day. Now for me, it's easier to interact with people and setting up my objectives.




@2019 Leadership Development Institute, Ifrane.


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